Product Spotlight: Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD




New Digital Battery & Charger Series

Anton/Bauer®, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of battery, charging and monitoring technologies for the broadcast, film and video industries, has announced that its new Digital Battery and Performance Charger Series are now available to the marketplace. The battery technology redefines the power standard for a new generation of cameras and auxiliary equipment. Both the batteries and chargers are available in Gold Mount and V-Mount options, a first for Anton/Bauer, whose proprietary Gold Mount® system revolutionized battery mounts.

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"Video Game High School" Works with Sachtler

Video Game High School (VGHS), a popular action-comedy web series from Rocket Jump Studios, is described as a show about "best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect head shot." Set in the near future where video gaming elevates its best players to stardom, the show follows BrianD and the friends and enemies he makes at the elite Video Game High School. VGHS is known for using live-action scenes with the series' characters to show action within the games.

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Camgear V10 AL and V10 CF system upgraded

Camgear is pleased to announce that the V10 AL and V10 CF systems have been upgraded and are available for sale.  

The new V10 AL and V10 CF are composed of the new version of V10 fluid heads and T100/AL2 and T100/CF2 tripod. 

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Electronic Control System expands

ARRI's Electronic Control System is a sophisticated toolset for precise wireless remote control of any camera and any lens; it also provides valuable metadata about exactly what the lens is doing at any given moment. All tools within the modular, future-proof system can be freely combined to provide powerful, scalable solutions for any application. Ergonomic, feature-rich hand units ease the work of the focus puller, while compact, intelligent motor controllers optimize camera setups.

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The new Ace Accessories from Sachtler

Pro-Videographers in luck: They can now access professional video accessories including a Follow Focus, a Base Plate and a Matte Box while benefitting from all typical Sachtler values. The Ace Accessories, a new range of premium camera support gear, complement the established Ace product range. Ace Accessories include the Ace Base Plate,

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Automation Made Simple: Working Together

Egripment supplies a fully automated and virtual “Generic Tracking System”  to RTL Netherlands for their NEW Virtual and Augmented News Studio. 

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DENZHEAD Dutch Angle Camera Support

Finally, the Bogie has been replaced by the DENZHEAD.The DENZHEAD can roll digital and analog cameras around their optical axis, i.e. the rotational center always comes to lie on the optical axis.

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The FSB 6 between Penguins, Snow and Eternal Ice

Cameraman-shooting-expedition-crewThe mainland is a white desert of snow, surrounded by a clashing cold ocean, and scarcely populated. Only the animals and few plants are accustomed to the difficult living conditions. This is the Antarctic. DP Alessandro Beltrame from Italy left his warm southern European homeland for two documentaries for The Antarctica Project, a cooperative project of the Italian government and the private broadcaster Mediaset. With scientists of the national research centers CNR, ENEA, and PNRA as well as the FSB 6/2 D tripod system by Sachtler,

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