DENZHEAD Dutch Angle Camera Support

Finally, the Bogie has been replaced by the DENZHEAD.The DENZHEAD can roll digital and analog cameras around their optical axis, i.e. the rotational center always comes to lie on the optical axis.


This puts the DENZHEAD ahead of other products build for dutch angle shots, because the optical axis can be kept pointing at the center of the scene easily and won't drift sideways while rolling.

 A prerequisite is to provide for a standard camera height, by using an appropriate camera support.

In combination with an e.g. "Sachtler Touch & Go Plate" mounted on the bottom side of the DENZHEAD (a variety of mounting threads are available), the DENZHEAD becomes the quickest way to set up a third axis on top of a tripod.

In order to precisely control the motion, one can choose between 3 gearings (1:2, 1:1 and 2:1) and drive them with a flexible shaft.

Using one of the lens-motor-drives freely available on the market (ARRI, C-Motion, Preston a.s.o.) the basic DENZHEAD, upgraded by an appropriate motor-adapter-kit, becomes a motorized solution.

Functions like speed, ramps, wireless a.s.o. are subject to the lens-drives specs.

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