New PCA matte box accessories

ARRI's range of Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) makes the benefits of ARRI-designed accessories available to cameras from other manufacturers. It comprises rugged, versatile and user-friendly tools that endow

almost any third-party camera with film-style functionality, aligning it to universal industry working practices and giving it the durability to be used efficiently and effectively on professional sets everywhere. At IBC 2015 ARRI is unveiling two useful accessories for its lightweight matte boxes: Anti-Reflection Frames and Anamorphic Mattes.

Anti-Reflection Frames
Continuing its efforts to maximize on-set creative options for cinematographers by making it easy for them to suppress digital artefacts when using glass filters, ARRI introduces the new Anti-Reflection Frames. Migrating the concept behind ARRI's SMB-1 and SMB-2 tilting matte boxes into filter stages that can be used in pre-existing matte boxes, the Anti-Reflection Frames allow one or two glass filters to be stacked and angled, providing a quick and elegant solution for reducing unwanted reflections.

The Anti-Reflection Frames are available in 4" x 5.65" and 6.6" x 6.6" versions. While the 4" x 5.65" is an ideal companion for ARRI's LMB-5, LMB-15 and LMB-25 lightweight matte boxes, the larger 6.6" x 6.6" version will fit the LMB-4, LMB-4A and LMB-6, as well as the ubiquitous MB-14 studio matte box.

Anamorphic Mattes for lightweight matte boxes
ARRI's range of lightweight matte boxes now benefits from new sets of Anamorphic Mattes that are optimized for widescreen formats, helping cinematographers to eliminate unwanted flares and glaring. Available in two sizes as optional accessories, the Anamorphic Mattes will suit ALEXA cameras and Master Anamorphic lenses particularly well, but will also match the native widescreen format of the ALEXA 65 and additionally work with third-party cameras and anamorphic lenses, so long as a compatible ARRI matte box is used.

In their smaller size, the Anamorphic Mattes are designed for use with ARRI's LMB-5, LMB-15 and LMB-25 lightweight matte boxes, as well as the MB-19, while the larger size will fit the LMB-6.

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