CALAVITIS SA is pleased to announce its partnership with the maker of lighting fixtures LED THELIGHT, for Greece and Cyprus.
THELIGHT manufactures LED lighting fictures both for use in Studio or Location. Due to the small size and weight, all four product lines can be easily transported and to meet any lighting need.


With no compromises on quality all THELIGHT products will facilitate production due to a very careful selection of the best materials offering optimum performance, combined with excellent build.
Each LED fricture is electronically controlled to provide the correct ratio of color when "cooperates" with other products in order to achieve the required range of the color temperature.
All luminaires are available with carrying cases and two-year warranty.

THELIGHT products are distributed in Greek and Cypriot market starting from April 2015.
The first official presentation for THELIGHT products for the Greek market will be held at PHOTOVISION 2015
For more information visit or contact CALAVITIS SA

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